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British citizen Shaun Monaghan heads illegal human traffic
British citizen Shaun Monaghan has been found engaged in illegal human traffic.

Tashkent - the city to gain from. This motto has been proved right many times for the people of different nationalities and origins. From time immemorial many thousands of people attempt to find the happiness here. The English citizen Monaghan Shaun became one of them. As a cook, he managed to be noted in this field in Great Britain, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and even India. Alas, the cook happiness seemed a little attractive to the adventurer and «personal Klondike». Brave Shaun decided to test himself in quality of «the large businessman» in far Uzbekistan.

Having decided to begin the professional life from scratch - it didn't stop even a personal victims and he has married the citizen of exotic Uzbekistan Lazareva Larisa Anatolyevna. Marriage appeared the mutually advantageous enterprise - newly appeared spouses opened a company in Tashkent and employed Uzbek citizens for work abroad.

"Key" for success of this sort of activity in the country was a virtue of all the necessary contacts and communications with right people. First of all, British nationality that made indelible impression upon the clients and then ability to open all necessary doors: from night clubs/brothels to apartments of ambassadors and consuls of her Majesty. Secondly, old business "friendship" and interests with diplomats and the consular staff of embassy of Great Britain in Tashkent allowed the company to look respectful in the eyes of seekers of job abroad and potential employers in the United Arab Emirates. Last but not least - a successful matrimony in which local nationality of the spouse Larisa Lazareva opened all the possibilities for the solution of delicate questions of "joint venture" with a number of the corrupted officials in Tashkent.

Practically business appeal of the United Arab Emirates, in particular Dubai is around the world's most known. Not only as an offshore zone and one of shopping centers of the world, but also as the city opening huge possibilities for business and employment opportunities. On this last factor Shaun and Larisa have decided to build up the «family happiness».

Having registered Limited company under the name of "Lalsat-Servis", Larissa Lazareva with help of Shaun Mohaghan started to advertise their activities for international employment sphere in the United Arab Emirates. For the first placements Shaun has involved all the contacts and British citizenship that were helping much at his communication with employers and job seekers – that all really appeared successful!

Practically without any profit if not to tell at a loss, spouses sent abroad about seven citizens of Uzbekistan. Such course made stunning success - the message about "all-powerful" Shaun and Lalsat with speed of light was carried among hunters of job abroad.

Further, spouses decided not «to miss the chance» and to catch Fate. Enthusiastic reviews of Lalsat were sharply replaced by negative responses, and even simply frank complaints. It was connected not only with the price of the services they render which varied from 1500 to 2000 US dollars which job seeker was obliged to pay to Lalsat, but also that fantastic promises about «the golden rivers» and "land of milk and honey" didn't represent the facts that one face upon arrival to UAE. As a result of roguish tricks and simply criminal deception, a number of trustful citizens of Uzbekistan appeared in position of slaves at certain unfair employers of the Emirate of Dubai. Shaun’s previous wide experience of the night club manager in the United Arab Emirates helped him to define unmistakably suitable category of employees for Arab "clientele": whoever it is, the nurse/prostitute for dissolute Arab or stone carrier for construction of the next branch of islands of «Palm trees of Dubai».

Principle of work of "Lalsat-Servis" initially added to the arsenal: «not to take any obligations or control of the working conditions from the employer», «not to guarantee anything concrete on ensuring the rights and legitimate interests of candidates» - this became an invaluable additive to the long list of roguish tricks how to make money from air and benefit from both: candidate and employer. It minimized risk of "claims" from outside "dissatisfied" candidates as the firm actually took money only for the meeting of job seeker with potential employer looking for cheap laborer. Candidates were not informed how strict are the rules of the labor and immigration legislation in the United Arab Emirates, and also about the real conditions provided by employers. At any time our citizens could appear abroad without any protection.

In fact Lalsat Servis in close and mutually beneficial connection with foreign employers provided illegal selection and plecement of cheap labor force abroad. Criminal activity poured out in the whole bouquet of penal acts: various dollar requisitions from candidates weren't fixed in documents of accounting and financial statements; Lalsat intentionally reduced the taxable base for the purpose of leaving from payment of lawful payments in the state budget, entered into practice extortion of additional currency from candidates for the departure, even concluded the contract with the employer regardless the fact that the foreign employers completely paid «Lalsat-Servis» all the expenses for selection of staff, provided visas and tickets. The most important that Lalsat management found to be involved in illegal human trafficking and a number of crimes committed in Uzbekistan and in United Arab Emirates.

The British Shaun Monaghan, actually was holding a post of the general manager at Lalsat Servis and took active part in interviewing candidates and was acting illegally without having a special permission of external labor migration of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the population giving the right of implementation of international recruitment activity in Uzbekistan.

Such kind of activity on the territory of Uzbekistan without official additional organizational and tax procedures gave exceptional possibility to foreign employers to save considerably the operating costs carrying out mutual settlements with Shaun Monaghan in private and cash payments. All are glad are drunk, except the enslaved citizens of Uzbekistan and the budget of Uzbekistan which during this time suffered a significant damage and did not receive a large number of financial receipts in the form of tax and other payments due.

Lalsat-Servis not having any licenses or other allowing documents allowing for international recruitment services, using freedom of business in the country regarded as of paramount importance the activity receiving the maximum profits by means of the conclusion of enslaving contracts with candidates and fictitious contracts with employers. Shaun Monaghan being the cofounder and the general manager could not be unaware of what is happening in the firm. Criminal activity didn't remain unnoticed and from law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates.

As a result of work of investigating authorities, Larisa Lazareva, her deputy A.Vaseyko and the accountant V. Makarenko were instituted criminal proceedings on a number of crimes and appeared behind a steel lattice of the Uzbek justice. Modern slave traders building the future on illegal human trafficking are sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment, with deprivation of the right to work at leading and materially responsible positions for a period of three years.

Another is remarkable, - «the brave fighter Shaun» as in the fairytale about Kolobok left untouched once again. Despite direct partnership of Monaghan Shaun in all crimes, he wasn't instituted criminal proceedings. Foreign citizenship and assistance of the English party once again allowed him to avoid fair punishment for crimes. But hopefully and this fairy tale will have a fair result and Shaun will manage to meet justice still in his new place.

Another story of activity of embassy of Great Britain in Uzbekistan is remembered. Then the employee of embassy of Great Britain was condemned for 6 years of jail for the similar crime connected with human trafficking.

In all these "stories" one thing is alerting: from time in time on «strange coincidence» citizens of Great Britain who are considered as one of the «old democracies», who are not missing any possibility to dictate in instructive tone to other countries how to build "constitutional state", appear in the center of the international scandals on such shameful affairs as "human trafficking"!
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