We continue to receive requests from job seekers abroad asking to verify the legal status of Lalsat agency headed by Shaun Monaghan in Russia. Dated 11th May 2012, our request to Immigration authority in Moscow denied the fact of Lalsat registration in Russia and they did not even apply for the international recruitment license. Shaun Monaghan has not been listed as an employee or partner in any of the legal companies in Russia. However his wife Lazareva Larisa Anatolievna has been found engaged in another illegal operation in Russia. Below you may find the screen shot of the Immigration Authority website: http://services.fms.gov.ru where anyone can request the legal status of international recruitment agency, its license status and validity of license. According to official source this license has been expired on 05.06.2011 and has not been extended until now. Immigration authority department in Ekaterinburg has reconfirmed that the office of such company does not exist ... Read more »
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It is odd and seems strange, how is it possible that illegal company like Lalsat International can work without special permissions and offices and make illegal recruitment in CIS for a long time. We are a small group of people who are trying stop illegal businesses like Lalsat and other similar in our countries. 

We are supporting people with legal advise and all the relevant information about the immigration regulations in CIS and please feel free to contact our head legal advisor Dmitry at dmitry.erganov@mail.ru

For the moment we are concentrated on the group legal case to be open against Shaun Monaghan and Larisa Lazareva in Ukrain to stop their actions in Kharkov and Kiev. Complaint has been sent to Ministry of Labor to make a record of the illegal actions of the Lalsat International Ukraine. Also we will be sending notes to employers who are connected with illegal actions together with Lalsat to warn about the consequences.&nb ... Read more »
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I have been through this story since 2011 when one of my friends tried to find job at Emirates Airlines and applied for opened vacancy at Lalsat International website.

Many qualified job seekers in former CIS space are looking for an international career opportunities and that is how hard it is to find one in a legal way.

It has been found strange that there is no any office Lalsat have in any of the locations they operate and the first question was asked: Do you have licence for employment of Russian citizens abroad? No feedback followed for the question and it was hardly possible to reach agency on the mobile number mentioned on the website and no clear answers were given.

Request has been sent to Federal Immigration authority to find out if Lalsat is operating legally in Russia? The answer was that there is no any information about such company operating in the country. She asked authority to look at thi ... Read more »
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